Who we are

Family Merlone

Our history

The Merlone family is native to Madonna dell’Olmetto, fraction of Cossombrato. This family is making wine for generations.

After the war the grandfather Emilio opened an activity in Canavese. In 1972 the son Giancarlo with his wife Elsa returned definitely to this homeland. Over the years the company expands and grows in variety and quality, while still maintaining the family united. Elsa and Giancarlo have 5 daughter and 11 grandchildren.

Today the society Merlone Giancarlo sas has decided to diversify the activities. The house, located in front of wine cellar was renovated. Step by step, with the commitment of everyone, especially the mother Elsa, Pozzo Fiorito took life and color and it is waiting for you.


You are going to be welcome by:
-Lia (winemaker and full-time mother, who takes care of the winery).
-Elsa (retired elementary school teacher). She has a passion for the “do it yourself”, restoration and gardening. You will find her touch by Christmas decorations and Valentine’s day decorations. She remade old furnishing and shutters. She takes care of the garden too.
Who is Giancarlo? Giancarlo could be retired. He is tireless so he takes time to converse of wine, specialities of Piemonte etc.
In the family company you can meet also the daughter Chiara and Francesca.

The family: Giancarlo, Elsa, Lia e Francesca!