The Asti area, crossing unhurried, on foot, by bicycle or riding, you can give pleasant surprises and view of extraordinary beauty!
The rolling hills of Monferrato hide the Ancient Via Francigena along which Romanesque churches, parish churches and villages rise … and why not? … An excursion in the parks surrounded by nature in search of wines and typical products?

The province of Asti is divided into Lower and Upper Monferrato. Cossombrato is located in Monferrato, gentle slopes, on which stand out the vineyards but also small fresh and shady valleys, forests, ancient castles and Romanesque churches of absolute historical and architectural significance. The Upper Monferrato or Langa of Asti instead is characterized by medieval villages and fascinating geological layers, by rugged terrain and plants and animals typical of the Mediterranean climate.
The path between “the Holy Lands” through Castelnuovo Don Bosco, the birthplace of St. John Bosco. To the east the rolling hills enclose the path that leads from Portacomaro to Moncalvo, the smallest city in Italy that offers beautiful monuments, such as the Castle of Montemagno, Romanesque and the paintings of the late Mannerist Hunting.
Finally we recommend a visit to the ethnographic museum of Cisterna and the historic center of San Damiano, to the sites of the Eco-museum, the Museum of Plaster of Montafia and Moncucco representing an excellent opportunity to learn more about the farming communities of the Lower Monferrato.

The stays will also allow you to enjoy the local food and wine. Every country has its typical products, from meats to cheeses, from the sweet to wine. Every country has its typical products, from meats to cheeses, from the sweet wine. Al Pozzo Fiorito can find a network of contacts through the Association Val Rilate network that will allow you to sample directly from the manufacturer of the local specialties: wine, honey, jams and starters, goat cheese and vaccines, sweets such as the canestrelli of Cinaglio, hazelnut cake, bad and good, biscuits and pumpkin cakes and truffles in the autumn season.
We can organize guided tours and tastings in companies, a few km from Cossombrato: the producers will show you the techniques of production, laboratories and you can taste their products.